The purchase of this license allows an authorized user to access and
use any or all music samples on Ronnie Sanders'
OneAct Sound Solutions
website exclusively for rehearsals and live performances of a UIL One Act
Play.  This licence is a "per-school" use and may not be shared with any
other school or organization.  Permission will also be granted for directors
to edit each sample for length.

     This license satisfies the UIL requirement for directors to:
"certify that
all necessary permission and/or licensing has been obtained from the owner
of any and all rights, including copyright, of all music performed at a UIL
OneAct Play contest by this school”
(One ActPlay Handbook - page 32).

     License to use OneAct Sound Solutions music for the c
urrent school
year will be granted for a fee of $25.00.  Click on the PayPal button below to
obtain your license.  To order using a purchase order, please send a P.O.

  Purchase of this license is good for the current school year only.  
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